Wednesday, October 18, 2017

National Media Covers Endless Mtns. Health Systems

The Community Foundation of the Endless Mountains is pleased to report that we have been asked by Energy In Depthto reflect upon the recent Cabot/EMHS Match Fund to help build the new hospital in Susquehanna County.

Please click here to read the article, including some familiar photos, and have an opportunity to view a wrap-up video. You will most likely recognize some local people and what they say, so be sure to turn up your volume.

Although the Cabot/EMHS Match Fund has officially finished and reached a level of $4.4 Million, donations to help support and sustain the hospital are always welcome and can be sent to the Cabot/EMHS Fund at The Community Foundation 270 Lake Avenue in Montrose, PA 18801. We thank you for your support, as do future generations of our local residents.

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