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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Brackney Studio

Web LogoLesli and Kirk Van Zandbergen have provided the use of their beautiful images of the Endless Mountains area.  The Van Zandbergens have studios in Conklin, NY and rural Brackney, PA.  They have 50 years of photographic experience between them.  Please visit vzphoto.com for more information.


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The Education Improvement Tax Credit allows businesses to improve local education and also receive credit toward Pennsylvania state tax. Read More
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Our EITC program and charitable funds have provided thousands of scholarships for children in PA. You can apply online for PreK, Tuition-based Kindergarten - 12th grade, dual enrollment, SCCTC, college or adult learning scholarships. Read More


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Whatever the occasion, donating to one of the funds of the Community Foundation is the perfect gift. We will mail you the receipt for your tax deductible donation, as well as a notification to the recipient. Read More
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